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The SDAT Tennis Stadium in Chennai was built on the occasion of the SAF Games in 1995 by the Tamil Nadu Government. It has since played the host to the Chennai Open tennis event annually since 1997.

The entrance to the venue houses the sponsors and promotional stalls, which leads to the centre court and the other courts are located behind this. Ample parking space is located outside the venue and toilets and refreshment counters are located at regular intervals within the venue.

Main Entrance

Guests with tickets and all accredited officials will be allowed to enter the venue through the main entrance. Entry for the spectators will be open at 3:30PM


The facility comprises of one centre court and four practice / match courts. The floodlit centre court has a seating capacity of 5800 and all courts have a hard (PlayPave) surface.

Volvo Lounge

The Volvo Lounge is located in the south-west corner of the venue. Guests with hospitality invites will have access to this lounge where a five star dinner will be served.

Ticket Counter

The ticket counter is located at the eastern side of the stadium.

You can check out the ticket costs at the tickets page. Information about the sale of tickets will also be available there soon.

Car Parking

The venue provides ample car parking space which is divided into three areas surrounding the venue. The map attached below identifies these areas.

General car parking is at the Corporation Boys School

VIP car parking at Corporation Playground

VVIP car parking at Corporation Girls School