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Tickets sale from 25th December

Season tickets and packages of tickets for the first 4 days and last 3 days will be available. Daily tickets for the matches will be available only on the match day. All tickets will be sold at the venue between 10 am and 6 pm.

Package Pricing

Season Tickets - Rs.2000, Rs.1500, Rs.750
Tickets from 4th to 7th Jan 2010 - Rs.800, Rs.600, Rs.300
Tickets from 8th to 10th Jan 2010 - Rs.1200, Rs.900, Rs.450


  • Season tickets are tickets for all seven days of the tournament
  • Daily ticket will be available at the venue only on the match day
  • Each ticket is a single-entry pass for the given day
  • The seating information on the ticket is for the Centre Court
  • Centre Court tickets will give access to outside court matches on respective days

Seating areas and prices

Click on a seating area on the Centre Court diagram below to see the rates and the view from that area.