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"Aircel Ball Kids" - The Event

Ten successful youngsters sketched-out as 'Ball Kids' for Aircel Chennai Open 2010

India's only ATP World Tour Tennis Tournament, Aircel Chennai Open 2010 has identified ten successful youngsters as 'Ball Kids'. Qualified kids are all set to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of interacting with tennis stars by passing the balls, towels and drinks to the players.

Ten Ball Kids in the age group of 12-16 years qualified for this unique opportunity by undergoing training under the watchful eyes of 6 coaches. The ten lucky ball kids are:

  • R. Mahesh
  • M. Ayush
  • R. Rajath
  • S. Ramaneshwar
  • R. Aravind
  • S. Akshay
  • S. Gautam Swaminath
  • Yash Ahuja
  • Karthikeyan
  • Jack Nithavri Anakis